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Probably been posted before

Probably been posted before

Something For A Person (II)

Tomato Steal - Tomato Steal (2008)

Tomato Steal is an odd gem from Japan that blends screamo, jazz, funk and some influences of math rock in their music. I don’t know how to exactly explain this type of music. It’s pretty spastic, but at the same time organized. Contains a cover of That’s The Way (I Like It).

Highlight Tracks:




320 CBR -


Something For A Person

A guy wanted me to post more stuff. Guess I’ll have to fill his needs.

Thunder and Roses - King of The Black Sunrise (1969)

Here is some spectacular hard psychedelic rock with a bluesy sound here and there from 1969 in the vein of Jimi Hendrix, Blues Creation, Corpus, Iron Butterfly and various other hard psych bands back then. All instruments are well done, a really enjoyable album to listen to and recommended for fans of psychedelic music.

Highlight Tracks:


Dear Dream Maker

White Lace And Strange

King of The Black Sunrise


256 CBR -



Something Cute/Relaxing

I know it’s well past Christmas/holidays for some, but I want to share something that gets me happy.

Candy Claws & Firebreather - Warm Forever Split (2010)

Here is a split by shoegaze band, Candy Claws, and dream-pop band, Firebreather. This split album is Christmas and Winter themed. Winter being my favourite season and all, this album made me all sorts of happy. Candy Claws’ side has more of a fuzzy, warm feeling to them. Great for hot cocoa or coffee. Now, Firebreather’s side is probably my favourite because the songs are so warm feeling. Songs like “Snowfall” and “Tonight I Belong To You” are definitely great if you just want to bundle up in a blanket, sleeping bag, snuggie, or whatever and to be lazy to.

Candy Claws is a duo with nice guitar sounds and male vocals. Firebreather is a cute band with some soft guitar/ukulele (assuming they use ukulele) and adorable female vocals.

Sample (Firebreather):

Sample (Candy Claws):

Album (320) CBR:

Enjoy! Support both bands too if you like!

Guess this tumblr is just music general and stuff

I don’t know what to do with Tumblr, so I’ll just post music and other miscellaneous things.

Here’s a rough start.

Wicked Lady - The Axeman Cometh (1969)

Recorded in 1968 and released  in 1969, this is Wicked Lady’s first release titled “The Axeman Cometh”. It is a unique album for its time with heavy guitar tone, lyrics and atmosphere. Songs like “Run the Night”, “The Axeman Cometh”, and “Wicked Lady” show how fuzzy and outlandish the guitar was for the late 60s. Packed with great lyrics, a proto-doom/metal sound, fantastic solos and instrumentation. For fans of Granicus, Black Sabbath, Blues Creation, Toad, Sir Lord Baltimore and other hard psych bands.

(V1) VBR -



Dumb first post with irrelevant photo.

Dumb first post with irrelevant photo.